A Pyschological Landscape

I have been watching The Art Assignment on Youtube lately. I am continually inspired to go out and do the assignments, but this is the first I’ve actually completed.* Here was Robyn O’Neil’s assignment:

I began by drawing a background, as Robyn suggests. I didn’t have anything specific in mind and I ended up with a sort of river-y thing. I then took some trace paper to put my figures in and drew a rather uninspiring victorian lady in a red dress with a brown blanket. “I always draw this,” I said to myself. I let my mind wander. While my mind was wandering I absent-mindedly doodled a book. It looked kind of like a cat’s face. So the cat emerged and I instantly knew I wanted a different ground. The rest, well, I’m not certain why it happened like it did, or what the significance is of the red briefcase. But lightbulb people and book cat make sense to me somehow, and I’ll leave the rest up for interpretation.

It is a psychological landscape after all.

#theartassignment - Robyn O'Neil Psychological Landscape

*By completed I mean gotten to a place where I am ready to post it. I actually may draw this one over again with more planning. I don’t know where it came from but I really like it. Would you like to read a cat? Mightn’t it give you some ideas?


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