Why I am not an Environmentalist

I don’t consider myself an environmentalist. I realized this about a year ago, when, deep in a discussion of the merits and dangers of nuclear energy, my friend’s mother said to me, “I know you consider yourself an environmentalist, but…” And I thought, actually, no, I don’t.

I consider myself a human, and I’d like myself and my offspring (if any) and the offspring of my loved ones, to have a place to thrive in the future.

Besides, calling myself an “environmentalist” kinda implies there is some kind of division between humans and “the environment.” There isn’t.

I don’t care about “the environment.” I care about the health of myself, my family, and the ecosystems of which we are a part.

I am not an environmentalist. I am a human. And by virtue of being human, protecting–nay, building the vitality and future health of my habitat is self-evident.

All y’all who aren’t concerned about this are the odd ones out.


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