Three Saturday Night Videos

I have been working all day on my Saturday post but it really deserves longer attention than I can give it, so for tonight, I present to you three music videos made by some great musicians that offer a refreshing, fun, sometimes challenging, and fascinating set of perspectives on sexuality. Incidentally these are also all great songs to dance to on a Saturday night.

1. Ingrid Michaelson’s recent tribute to Robert Palmer:

This is fun, sexy, androgynous, and straightforward. Plus these folks look like they are having FUN. I watched Palmer’s 1988 video out of curiosity and Ingrid just blew him out of the park.

2. Marina & the Diamonds “How to Be a Heartbreaker”

This was one of the first gender role switcheroo videos I really really noticed. It has its own elements of disturbing (“at least I think I do!”) but the narrative about power and sexuality is so completely different than what I’m used to seeing. If the genders were reversed the story here would be really old but also perhaps we wouldn’t be as sensitive to it. Also, as above, everyone is super attractive and having fun!

3. Amanda Palmer’s “Map of Tasmania” (NSFW)

If you don’t know what a merkin is you will by the end of this video. This is an old favorite of mine, with just the right mix of sexy, celebration, and “fuck the patriarchy.” Grow that shit like a jungle. Or don’t. Whatever. Let’s dance!


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