The only way to do it is to do it.

Thus sayeth Merce Cunningham. And so I say, this year, 2014, I will write (or create) something original–a short story, an essay, a response to another blog I’ve found somewhere, a review of a film, a poem, a song–and post it here. On Saturday. Every week. No excuses. (Additional days are acceptable.)

I give myself full license to publish polished and unpolished pieces, beginnings, middles, endings, character sketches, opinions, fiction, nonfiction, manifestos, heartbreaks, haikus, arguments, puns, ongoing series, tiny micropoetry, cryptic performance art, critiques, prose poetry on the subject of pop culture, open letters to my stove, etc etc so long as I am prepared for the public to review it, and believe that it has the potential to connect with someone besides myself in a manner intellectual, emotional, spiritual, ecological, or etc.

Emily Jacket

PS All opinions expressed in this blog are purely mine (unless otherwise noted) and are not intended to represent any other person or institution’s position on any issue. Much of what will be posted on this blog will be a work of fiction and should be read as such.


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